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"I provide "Country Doctor" attention using contemporary

technology in a family-friendly setting." - Dr. Douglas G. Smith, O.D.

I come to work excited every day by having kept my skills, office techology and enthusiasm at the leading edge of vision care. It is my goal to start every day asking: "Who are we going to help today?"

When you come to Bison Vision Center, I will listen to you, personally spend time with you to evaluate the problems you present. Together we will decide on the best course of treatment to assure you the best eyesight and healthiest eyes possible. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, have had a stroke, experience double vision, or a visual field loss, I determine how those problems are affecting your visual  perceptions balance, fatigue and visual comfort.. I am  part of the Neurological In-Patient Rehabilitation Teams at both Rogue Regional Medical Center and Providence Medford Medical Hospital, I provide Neuro-Optometric evaluations of stroke, head trauma, MS, Lupus and other debilitating diseases affecting vision.  I  assign and monitor Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy protocols to speeed patient recovery.


I’m always available to you directly and invite your questions at
For the story about how I came to name  my clinic Bison Vision Center, please read our story here.

With a valid current contact lens prescription, you may purchase contact lenses and other optical products at the most recently published 1-800-xxxxxxx prices AND receive all manufacturer consumer rebates updated daily by ordering your contact here. I appreciate your business and trust.  Douglas G Smith OD