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About Bision Vision Center


BVC Office

Why did I select the name Bison Vision Center?


I grew up in New Hampshire with an Easterner's romantic view of the Wild West. Graduating with a degree in Psychology from Colby College in Waterville,  Maine, I accepted an Officer's Commission in the United States Air Force. I was stationed "under" Montana as a Minuteman Missile Launch Command  Officer in a Strategic Air Command Missile Silo  primarily responsible for 10 missiles and ultimately 50 nuclear warheads . While in Montana, I spent my free time exploring the West, working and learning on cattle round-ups, doing ranch work  and visiting Indian reservations and historic communities. I separated from the Air Force to pursue a degree in Optometry and attended Montana State University in Bozeman, MT to pick up calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics. As part of my Optometry School program, I developed an internship program on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Wolf Point, Montana. After graduation from Optometry College  I worked  for Pacific University as a clinical instructor on Colville and Tahola Indian Reservations, both  in Washington. I saw the working contemporary West from the perspectives of the modern cowboy and the modern Indian. Both cultures work very hard to preserve their values and heritages,  but both are in danger of fading from memory.

Indian cultures recognize and honor nature and  wild creatures symbolic significance  for their roles in  daily life. The coyote is the trickster and survivor, the bear is the healer and provider of healing medicines, and the bison is the giver, as it provides clothing, food, shelter, weapons and even fuel for their fires. I wanted to set a positive purpose in my subconscious that when I am at the office I represent the giving animal Bison, In our office you will see many images of Bison, Bear and Coyote, constant reminders to me that I have the privilege of meeting your eye health and vision needs and helping to preserving your gift of sight , with a little humor.