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About Our Doctor 


Dr. Douglas G. Smith, ODDr. Douglas G. Smith, O.D.

After over thirty-three years as an Optometric Physician, I am still excited about being in the office every day. I enjoy what I do and take special pleasure in meeting patients' specific vision needs and monitoring their eye health.


How does a seasoned practitioner maintain his level of enthusiasm and energy? I've never been one to rest on what I know. I always challenge myself to learn more. I was on the Oregon Board of Optometry for an unusually long term of almost eleven years. Charged with enforcing the laws and regulations of Oregon Optometry Law, I had to be ahead of the pack in standards of practice.


I served on the National Board of Examiners in Optometry, traveling to the colleges and universities of Optometry around the US to administer National Board examinations. Seeing the variations of education and clinical techniques demonstrated by the new graduates keeps me informed and allows me to modify my techniques on a continuing basis.


Several years ago, when I had day to day practice pretty well under control, I chose to advance my neurological studies even further.  I am now on the Medical Staff at two regional medical centers (Asante RRMC and Providence Medford Medical Center)  contributing my diagnostic, and therapy skills to the recovery of Traumatic Brain injury and stroke patients, and other with neurological and auto-immune medical mischief.


With apologies to Lee Iacoca, "...this is not your father's Optometry."  I am an adjunct instructor at Pacific University College of Optometry, teaching advanced pharmaceutical therapy and minor surgical techniques related to the eye, lids and adjacent tissue. Throughout my practice experience have served as an adjunct associate professor at Pacific lecturing in areas of patient communication, strabismus( lazy and wandering eye) and low vision services.


My clinical approach stresses early detection and prevention to minimize as much as possible, long term dependence on eye wear. I conduct in-services for teachers, home school teacher/parents, nurses, occupational and physical therapists and many other professional public and private groups.


Be warned: I grade my patients on their entertainment value. I would go crazy if all I did was sit in a dimmed room asking "which is better one or two". I never regard the patient as two eyeballs floating in space but rather as a whole person with concerns for their overall health, lifestyle and stresses that can impact the precious gift of sight. The stories and situations of my patients are wonderfully varied, colorful and always insightful.


Most of my patients earn an "A".


I do my best to earn an "A" from them.

Humanitarian Contributions


I recharge my batteries working with Rotary, Project Hope and Gateway America to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Kamchatka Russia. I have been to Kamchatka eight times and feel I am working with family there. We have the delivery of over $18 million in donated hospital, medical and general humanitarian aid.


Volunteering in 1996 to help found a club in Russia, I hoped to satisfy my curiosity and purge a few personal demons left over from the Cold War. It didn't work out that way. I squired the purchase and delivery of an ophthalmic medical laser to Kamchatka through the RI matching grants process. I have made eight trips to Kamchatka, supervising the delivery of millions of dollars of pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment, as well as ferreting out and delivering a harpsichord to Avachinsky. I negotiated the acquisition and ultimate delivery of hospital equipment to several regions of Russia and is proving to be successful in discovering needs, finding resources to meet them and getting them delivered. I have never been more excited about my family, practice and profession, and my ability to contribute to the larger world through Rotary.