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Welcome to Bison Vision Center

“I provide personal attention to you and your problems, while using contemporary technology in a Family-Friendly Eye Health and Vision Care office.”
Dr. Douglas Smith, OD

I come to work excited every day by having kept my skills, office techology and enthusiasm at the leading edge of vision care. It is my goal to start every day asking: “Who are we going to help today?”When you come to Bison Vision Center, I will listen to you, personally spend time with you to evaluate the problems you present. Together we will decide on the best course of treatment to assure you the best eyesight and healthiest eyes possible. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, have had a stroke, experience double vision, or a visual field loss, I determine how those problems are affecting your daily activities, visual perception, balance, eye fatigue and visual comfort..

I am on the Medical Staff at ROGUE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER and PROVIDENCE MEDFORD MEDICAL CENTER as a member of the Neurological and In-Patient Rehabilitation Center Teams. I provide Neuro-Optometric evaluations of patients experiencing stroke, traumatic brain injury , MS, Lupus and other debilitating diseases affecting the nervous system and vision. I assign specific therapy protocols for Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists to administer to aid in a speedy best possible patient recovery.

I’m always available to you directly and invite your questions at For the story about how I came to name my clinic “Bison Vision Center”, please read our story here.


Dr. Douglas G. Smith

What's New + Special info

School Special: Learning Disabilities and Vision

The label of Learning Disability is often placed on children as a catch all for any child that has difficulty with any aspect of reading, whether in basic “learning to read” or “reading to learn” stages. Learning to read difficulties include but are not limited to difficulties with letter recognition,...

Cataracts – An Overview of the Causes

With over 35 years of practicing optometry, I've seen my share of individuals with cataracts. However not all cataracts develop equally. Here are some of my professional insights regarding the causes of cataracts: The lens of the eye is a uniquely constructed tissue as it allows light to pass through...

Babiators – the awesome new sunglasses for babies and kids!

Bison Vision Center is an authorized retailer of Babiators - safe, durable and awesome sunglasses for kids - for only $19.95*! age 0-3 Blue Angels Blue Babiaors are the hot new thing in kids fashion...and Babiators' lenses keeps babies and kids safe from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB...

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