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LATISSE® Now Available at Bison Vision Center

I am very pleased announce that I am qualified as a registered provider and my staff as certified trainers and dispensers of LATISSE®. This is an incredible opportunity for those individuals who have sparse or thinning eyelashes, similar to balding, regardless of age. There are many ways to maintain or enhance your eyelashes such as mascara, fake, enhancers or extension eyelashes, or finally a medical solution.

I take my commitment to your eye health as seriously and follow reasonable protocol for eye safety, including the prescribing and dispensing of LATISSE®.. While you or your friends may have already experienced casual (i.e., non-complaint) dispensing of LATISSE® from other sources, when considering LATISSE® note that the parameters I have established are in your best health interest, allowing me to confidently prescribe LATISSE®. I require baseline findings of IOP, lid color and Iris color as well as baseline visual skills and photo documentation at the patient option prior to prescribing.

Bison Vision Center will provide LATISSE® upon presentation of a valid written prescription for patients under another doctor’s care. Bison Vision Center will not provide any additional services, other than dispensing.

For Existing PatientsIf you are a patient of Bison Vision Center, there is no service charge associated with the data gathering, documentation and dispensing of LATISSE® as long as all the findings currently exist in your patient chart. Occasionally some additional observations must be made and documented and there would be a nominal fee (please contact us to discuss).

For Non-PatientsIndividual who are not patients of Bison Vision Center or in possession of a written prescription and under the ongoing care of another physician will be managed as follows. For only $260.00* **, Bison Vision Center will provide:Initial Examination (limited to LATISSE® protocol): $135.00Initial Photo Documentation: $125.006-Month Follow-Up with Photo Documentation: included*Full payment is due prior to examination and dispensing of LATISSE®.**In all instances, our billing service (MMSS) will bill your Major Medical Insurance for any allowed benefit reimbursement or plan deductible credit covered medical examination services and procedures.

About LATISSE® LATISSE® is a drug developed and used to treat Glaucoma. The side effect of lash growth on eyes treated with this prescription drug led to the approval of this drug as a therapeutic and cosmetic prescription treatment for thin, scattered, colorless and short lashes. LATISSE® is a drug available by prescription only.

To obtain any prescription drug, an appropriate examination must be documented in the physician’s chart, reflecting observations, tests, diagnosis and proposed therapy. A WRITTEN prescription must be presented to the dispenser and kept on file by the dispenser of the drug.

Obtaining LATISSE® even in trial form from anyone without examination and prescription is in violation of federal law and accepted standards of practice.

The examination does not need to be provided by an eye care specialist. The prescribing physician, whether a specialist, or general practitioner should verify that baseline Intra-Ocular Pressure findings exist in an eye care specialists records or request that an eye specialist measure and record baseline Intra-Ocular Pressure.

Eye care specialists are best prepared to document and monitor baseline ocular pressure and lid findings, subsequent changes and if necessary to monitor and treat any conditions resulting from discontinuing of LATISSE®.

Manufacturer’s Warnings

Side effects of LATISSE® include but are not limited to:Darkening of the lid where the drug is appliedPermanent darkening of the Iris of the eyeLowering of Intra-ocular pressure (though “not to a dangerous level”) as the manufacturer literature states.The admitted side effect of lid darkening confirms absorption by the lid. The darkening of the Iris and lowering of the pressure confirm that the agent does indeed filter into the eye itself, even though the drug is promoted for external use only.

The manufacturer does not address the effects of discontinuing LATISSE®, other than indicating that the lashes will ultimately return their pre-treated appearance and that darkening of the lid and the iris are permanent.

What is not addressed is the intraocular pressure that may have been lowered during use of LATISSE®.

Discontinuing any drug can cause rebound effects, specifically in this case returning pressure measurements not only to levels present prior to the treatment, but often to a higher level than was initially present. The occurrence, duration and effect of this potential side effect can be best monitored by an eye care provider with the proper equipment and experience to detect, monitor and treat Glaucoma. You may need guidance to discontinue LATISSE® safely,

Proper LATISSE® Protocol

  • Schedule an appointment for:
  • Examination and diagnosis of existing eye lid and lash conditions.
  • Documentation of baseline Intra-ocular PressureDocumentation Iris color before therapy
  • Documentation of lid / lash profile before therapy
  • Instruction and demonstration of proper use, storage and how to reduce the amount of LATISSE® used with each application.
  • Photo-documentation at patient option

The doctor should:

  • Create a record for each patient and document all findings.
  • Provide a written prescription to obtain LATISSE® from an approved source
  • Visit with the patient quarterly and then at longer intervals as success is achieved
  • If there is a medical condition underlying lash pathology, major medical insurance may participate in many or all of the above steps


Thank you and see you soon.

Dr. Doug Smith, O.D.(aka. Doc Bison)


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