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Humanitarian Contributions

I recharge my batteries working with Rotary, Project Hope and Gateway America to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Kamchatka Russia. I have been to Kamchatka eight times and feel I am working with family there. We have the delivery of over $18 million in donated hospital, medical and general humanitarian aid.

Volunteering in 1996 to help found a club in Russia, I hoped to satisfy my curiosity and purge a few personal demons left over from the Cold War. It didn’t work out that way. I squired the purchase and delivery of an ophthalmic medical laser to Kamchatka through the RI matching grants process. I have made eight trips to Kamchatka, supervising the delivery of millions of dollars of pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment, as well as ferreting out and delivering a harpsichord to Avachinsky. I negotiated the acquisition and ultimate delivery of hospital equipment to several regions of Russia and is proving to be successful in discovering needs, finding resources to meet them and getting them delivered. I have never been more excited about my family, practice and profession, and my ability to contribute to the larger world through Rotary.